Potential Residents will need to see their physician or nurse practitioner within 30 days prior to their admission for a physical examination. The physician or nurse practitioner must certify that the potential resident meets the qualifications for admission to a personal care home. The potential resident is not eligible for admission if they require 24-hour nursing care. Potential residents are required to have a TB skin test or a chest X-ray showing they do not have a communicable disease. Dogwood Gardens Senior Living will provide you the necessary forms for the physician or nurse practitioner to complete for the resident’s admission.

For admission, a potential resident must:

  • Be ambulatory (including the use of a cane, walker or wheelchair)
  • Be able to exit the building in an emergency, such as fire, in three minutes or less, with minimum assistance
  • Be free of communicable diseases
  • Be able to feed themselves
  • Be continent
  • Be mentally stable
  • Not require continuous medical or nursing care
  • Comply with the medical plan of care
  • Be able to have needs met by staff
  • Be compatible with other residents
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of Dogwood Gardens Senior Living.

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